Joanna Madison

3rd Grade Teacher


Courses Taught:

Language Arts

I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education; a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I also hold a Masters of Science in Elementary Education; and an Education Specialist Degree in Elementary Education. 
Also, I have been teaching since 1995. 




7.45 – 8.00 Homeroom 11.15-12.15 Block 2 ELA
8.00-8.20 Leader In Me/Character
11.42 - 11.45Prepare for Lunch
8.20-8.30 Morning Work/ Bell ringer  11.48 -12.13Lunch
8.30-9.05 P.E. 12.45-1.05 Bell ringer/RTI
9.05-9.15 Snack 1.05-1.20 Recess
9.15-11.15 Block 1 ELA 1.20 – 2.20 Block 2 ELA
11.15 - Change Classes 2.20 -2.25 Prepare for Dismissal
11.15 – 12.15 Block 2 ELA 2.25-2.45 Pack-up/Dismiss

Water – please make sure that your child has a bottle or two of water daily.  The water fountains are not on at the school at this time.  Thank you for your help in this matter.



-Tuesday Folders - please sign and return on the next school day.

-Behavior Sheets - please initial and return daily.

-Teacher emails: &

-Lexia - Lexia is an important research based program that the children can work on at home and school.  Lexia provides additional assistance with reading.  Lexia allows the children to practice on any particular skill that they maybe experiencing difficulties with at the time.  Lexia will provide the additional practice so the children can get stronger in that skill set.  

ELA Notes:

May 4, 2021





-Reading:  we are working on the story, “Jalapeno Bagels.”   We will have our test on Friday.


- Spelling: we are working on Unit 5 – week 4.  We will have our test on Friday.


-Grammar: we are working on comparative and superlative adverbs.