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2015-2016 PLES Continuous Improvement Plan
2016-2017 PLES Continuous Improvement Plan
2017-2018 PLES Continuous Improvement Plan
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Leader in Me School 


  Mrs. Ellender, Mrs. Greene, and Maggie


Meet Maggie, Pine Level Elementary School’s Facility Dog.  Maggie’s guardian is Mrs. Greene, PreK-2 grade counselor.  Mrs. Ellender, 3-5 grade counselor, is also trained to handle Maggie in classroom settings.

        The role of a facility dog is to react and respond to people and their environment, under the guidance and direction of their owner. Facility dogs aim to improve a person’s social, cognitive and emotional functioning.

       We are thrilled to welcome Maggie as the new facility dog at Pine Level Elementary School!  She will help our students to be calm and enthusiastic about coming to school.

       Maggie is excited to start at Pine Level this year.  She is nonjudgmental, kind to all, and a great listener. Maggie will make an immeasurable difference by contributing to the emotional and relational development of our students.

       Maggie is certified and trained by Service Dogs of Alabama.  


 2019-2020 Free/Reduced Lunch Applications:


iNow Home Portal

iNow Home Portal available now.  Send $10 for one student or $15 for more than one student in an envelope with student name(s) and each homeroom teacher's name.  These will need to be turned in to Mrs. A. Turner in the Media Center.  Passwords will be sent home the next day.



2017-2018 School Report Card Grades have just been released.

Pine Level Elementary earned an 87/B!!

This is a 3 point GROWTH from the 2016-2017 school year!

Congratulations Students and Teachers! 


Home Connect Login Available for

Math Facts Practice and AR Progress Reports.


                                               Continuous Improvement Plan Goals

Reading: Students will demonstrate reading proficiency across all grade levels. Students will increase reading experiences with increasingly complex texts from a variety of different genres across disciplines.

Math: Students will demonstrate applied math concepts across all grade levels.  K - 2nd will focus on basic math computations and fluency, 3rd and 4th will focus on numbers and operations, and 5th will focus on data analysis and probability.

Writing: Students will demonstrate proficiency in various types of writing with clear and focused ideas, fully developing the ideas, and providing details that support the main idea while organizing the writing logically, purposefully, and effectively.


School Theme and Motto
Everybody can be a leader! Be a leader.  Work hard.  See growth.

Reading: Students will demonstrate reading proficiency across all grade levels. Students will increase reading experiences with...

Mrs. Gregory wrote a grant which was awarded to Pine Level Elementary School, one of 200 schools in Alabama receiving the grant.
State of Alabama Bicentennial Award

You can fill out your free and reduced lunch application online.

You can pay for meals at

Online Library Resources

Parents and students!  Check out this neat, free, keyboarding practice site:

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