Lisa Brasher

5th Grade Teacher

Phone Number:  334-358-2658

Courses Taught:

Science/Social Studies, 5th Grade

Monday-  Schoology

                   Science- Chapter 2- Force and Motion 

                                    Lesson 3: "How Forces are Combined"

                                                       Calculating Net Force


               Social Studies- Week 22 SS Newspaper- The Early Westward

                 Expansion and Explorers.  Fur on the Frontier


   Tuesday- Science- Chapter 2- Force and Motion Les 3 Daily Grade



                   Social Studies-  Mountain Men/ Jim Bridger

                                                                                                                               Wednesday- Science- Chp. 2 Les 4 "How are Shadows Formed?"

                    Social Studies- Bowie Knife/ Mad as a Hatter

 Thursday- Science- Chapter 2: Force and Motion Les 4 Daily Grade

                      Potential/Kinetic Energy

                     Social Studies- Week 22 SS Newspaper-Think an Review 

                                Daily Grade-Schoology

  Friday- Science-  Potential/Kinetic Energy

                    Social Studies-  Week 22 Test-Schoology









BS in Elementary Education Auburn University of Montgomery

Masters Degree in Elementary Education Auburn University of Montgomery

EDS in Elementary Education University of West Alabama

1994-1997 Marbury High School

1997-present Pine Level Elementary School



I have been teaching in Autauga County since 1994.  I taught three years at Marbury High School.  I have been at Pine Level Elementary School since the school opened in 1997.  I love the Pine Level/Marbury community and all the people in it.