Laura Fennell

3rd Grade Teacher

Phone:  334-358-2658

Courses Taught:

Math, Science, and Social Studies


Our week at a glance:


Each day we complete our 5-A-Day review question and our word problem of the day.  Homework is sent home on Monday and to be completed each night.  Please send it back to school daily.  We go over it each day in class.  The students are to turn their homework in on Friday.  On Friday, we complete our weekly assessment that covers the skills that are reviewed on the weekly homework sheet. 

This week we will finish up our work in Topic 14: Area.  We will work with area and the distributive property, area of irregular shapes, and same area, different perimeter.  On Thursday, we will review for our last math test which will be on Friday.  The students can use pages 368-369 in their math textbook to help them review.  We will also continue to practice our multiplication facts with our mastering math facts program.  Please continue to help your child practice their facts.

Math Powerpoint


This week we will continue working in Chapter 2: Energy and Its Forms.  We will read lessons 3 and 4.  In lesson three, we will learn how light and matter interact, and in lesson four we will learn about heat and light energy.

Social Studies:


We will be reading Studies Weekly Week 24: Why do people migrate? this week.  We will learn why people move and what happens when there's not enough food.  We will also read articles on the Great Plains, E-mail, and FDR's The Four Freedoms.  We will complete review questions on Wednesday and Thursday and our vocabulary quiz on Friday.


Leader in Me:

This week we will work with Habit 8: Find Your Voice.  We will do several activities and read a couple books to help us review the habit.  Ask your child how they can find their voice.


  • Please check your child's daily binder each day and initial their behavior sheet.
  • Please make sure you have returned your progress report.
  • Monday, May 24th is Field day/Class Party day. 
  • Friday, May 28th is our Awards day from 12:45-1:00.  Each student will receive 3 tickets for family members to attend.

Mrs. Fennell’s Class Schedule

7:45-8:05                       Homeroom

Block 1: Mrs. Fennell's Homeroom 

                   8:05-8:20                      Leader in Me/RTI          

8:20-8:30                     Math Bellringer

8:30-9:05                     PE     

                   9:05-9:15                      Snack

                   9:15-10:20                    Math block

                   10:20-11:20                  Science/Social Studies

                   11:20                             Teachers change classes

         Block 2: Mr. Marks’ Homeroom

                  11:20-11:40                  RTI                  

                   11:40-12:05                  Lunch

                   12:05-1:05                    Math block continued

                   1:05-1:20                      Recess

                   1:20-1:30                      Math wrap-up

                   1:30-2:30                      Science/Social Studies

                   2:30                               Teachers change classes                                                              Prepare for dismissal

             Music: Wednesday 10:15-11:00 Week A



Auburn University, B.S. Elementary Education

Troy University Montgomery, M.S. Elementary Education


1999-present: 3rd grade teacher, Pine Level Elementary