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Weekly Outline 

Weekly News

January 7-10, 2019

          In Math this week we start Topic 7-Counting Patterns to 120. Please still work on flash cards for addition and subtraction. In Science, we will be discussing Space and the day and night sky. For our Reading-Unit 3 (Book 3) we are not allowed to read any of the first page, only questions on the second page, and none of the third page on the test. If your child had a lower score this week, it may be because this was overwhelming for them. This week I also helped them to answer the question on the back of the test(it counts as 2 questions if it is missed) because they had so much other stuff put on them, and some still missed it. Please make sure to emphasize listening to instructions when talking with your child at home.


·         Our new Reading Story this week is “The Class Pet”

·         High-Frequency Words to Study:

away, car, house, very, our, friends, school

·         Spelling Words:

fix, fixes, class, classes, wish, wishes, kiss, kisses, bus, buses, help, use

·         We will be learning about words with or, and ore as in more and the ending –es. In grammar we will work on action verbs without –s.


Upcoming Events:

January 10th-Honor Roll Celebrations (students who have honor roll will go to the lunchroom for a special treat)


January 16th-Class Picture Day


January 20th- MLK Jr. Day/NO SCHOOL


January 21st- 100th Day of School


January 31st- Spirit Day/Fun Friday

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