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Newsletter   Updated at 1/28/2020 6:30:00 AM
Activity Date: 1/28/2020

Ms. Madison’s Newsletter

January 28, 2020

Important Reminders:

-Homework- Please remind children to turn in their homework on time. The homework will need to be turned in on time in order for children to receive credit for the assignment. The children are usually given one sheet with five questions on the back and the timed reading on the front. This is the only sheet that they are expected to turn in for homework. The assignment will also assist with the skill of the week and comprehension. In addition, please initial and tell me how many words per minute the children read for the 60-second time period. (Homework should be completed in pencil only). Homework due date –

-Tuesday Folders – please initial and return the following day

-Behavior Sheets- please initial and return daily.

-Friday, Jan. 31st – Fun

-Wednesday, Feb. 5th – final day money will be due for the second (2nd) field trip. Please note that we only have room for six (6) chaperones per class.     The slots will be first come first serve basis. If more spaces become available, we will let you know.   We will leave school that day around 8:30. The show will begin at 9:45 am. After the show, we will go to Pratt Park for a picnic lunch and play time.

-Teacher email address:

-Freckle class code for reading: ET9268

-Lexia core 5 is a research based reading program that the children can also practice at home. Lexia allows the children to practice on any skills they may need additional practice with, in order to strengthen this skill set.


Reading – we are working on the story Rocks In His Head. We will have our test on Friday.  

Language – we are working on possessive pronouns.

Spelling – we are working on Unit 4 – week 3 words. We will have our test on Friday. Each child was issued two new sheets of spelling words. However, if your child does not know where their words are please let me know so that I can get them more words.

-Congratulations to Leila for making it to 100 point club for Accelerated Reader (AR). She is our first person so far in both classes.

- Parents when the children reach their goal they are allowed to check out two (2) books for the remainder of the nine weeks.

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